Major Deadlines


The page below contains more details on the process of Household recruiting.

Fan into flame & other Major Events

Online Methods for Registration

Payment Methods

  • Eventbrite
  • Personal Checks and Cash
  • iPhone credit card reader plug in


Student missionary recruiting

Documents and Links

Additional Notes:

  • Update the forms to reflect your Mission Center/Chapter (dates, events, etc.). See items in red.
  • Lock the documents once updated (see the Household Recruiting page for instructions on locking).
  • Give a Missionary Corps Conduct Policy to each Student Missionary in order for him/her to sign the Agreement section of the Commitment Form.
  • If the Students Missionary is returning or is/will be living in Household, extra referrals are not needed apart from those required for Household/current Student Missionary service.
  • Submit all Student Missionary documents online via the SM Recruiting Folder on Google Drive. If you do not have access to this folder please email Caroline at
  • Please keep in mind that PSR for Student Missionaries is handled uniquely at each Mission Center. Please connect with your Center Director to determine the best course of action for PSR for your Student Missionaries, as well as the appropriate amount to indicate on the forms.

Formation Program

Interest Form for Potential Participants (please change any red text to represent the year, and change the formatting so that it resembles the surrounding text)

Items it is important to track:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Birthday/Age
  • Grade
  • Small Group Leader
  • Attendance (this can be tracked by a simple roll sheet that is available either at the beginning of each formation night or is sent around during the talk).

Potential Responsibilities Description (Example)

Sample "Letter of Invitation" to Formation

Sample "Year End Evaluation"

Additional Notes:

  • Handouts and Speaker Notes can be found in the Formation Google Drive folder.
  • The Interest form can also be done via Google Forms or JotForm and linked to a Google Spreadsheet which will automatically dump the information into the spreadsheet for you. Just be sure to ask for the same information that is on the Interest Form.