SPO alumni are truly passionate about living the Catholic faith and sharing it with others. They become leaders in their Catholic community and in the marketplace. They see their lives more clearly, live with greater purpose, and make informed decisions that reflect their faith in Christ. They are renewing the Church and transforming the culture for Christ. 


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Pray for Vocations

Please join us in praying for SPO alumni who are currently pursuing a religious vocation:

  • Michael Bielejeski
  • Dan Brewer
  • Chris Carrassco
  • Michael Cruz
  • Paul DeBord
  • Dan Dressler
  • Jeremiah Guappone
  • Josh Heskamp
  • Austin Hill
  • Maggie Hilliard
  • Spencer Hodgson
  • Seth Keller
  • Marlee McAndrew
  • Dan McCalister
  • Josh McKenna
  • Joe Mominee
  • Mike O'Reilly
  • Scott Perry
  • Brian Petro
  • Ian Robbins
  • Emily Schafer
  • Elizabeth Schmitt
  • Michael Schneider
  • Xavier Schulze
  • Dan Swartz
  • John Tansil
  • Jose Vasquez-Weber
  • Braden Weber
  • Curtis Weisenberger
  • Anthony Welch
  • Erin Wells