Our Community Grows

The recent Men's and Women's Night hosted by SPO Arizona were a success! Being a smaller chapter has its benefits; for example, each and every woman participating in Women's Night had a chance to meet and get to know one another; and while Andrea Prisby gave a killer talk on virtuous friendships, it is the actual participation in such friendships that makes a lasting difference in people's lives. 

Last night we had our first large-scale Lord's Day Celebration. Approximately 15 people came, in addition to our 14 household members. After our usual prayer and reflection, we had an Italian-style meal together. Everyone pitched in to help clean, and then we went on campus to play capture the flag. When we had worn ourselves out, we returned to the houses for root beer floats and games. People didn't leave until after midnight!

In just a few weeks, our community has grown substantially. In between events, people have come over to the houses just to hang out. Reappearing familiar faces prove that these individuals aren't merely attending our events, but are truly becoming part of our lives, and we a part of theirs. They are entering into our beautiful way of life, embracing it and making it their own.