Another Year Begins

It's been a great start to the year here at SPO Arizona! We started things off with our Household Retreat, orienting our members to household life and the many changes our chapter is going through. We settled into our new homes and jumped right into our mission, planning and advertising our first big event: the Haboob. A "haboob" is a huge dust storm, and what we decided to title our opening BBQ. It drew a lot of attention and ended up being one haboob of a good time! Approximately 50 guests showed up and many stayed late into the night. For such a young chapter, this was a huge success and an encouraging sign of our chapter's growth!

 Students at The  Haboob 

Students at The Haboob 

A few days later, we hosted our second event: SPOken. While the Haboob focused more on the mere social aspects of our community life, SPOken revealed the heart of what we are about. Brandt Haglund started us off with a fantastic talk and testimony, and Abe Gross led us in praise and worship. Afterwards, we had ice cream sandwiches and got to know one another better, building our community one person at a time.

 SPOAZ hosts its first  SPOken  event

SPOAZ hosts its first SPOken event

This Monday we will have our first Men's / Women's Night, after which we will organize evangelistic small groups for the semester. It's time to hone in on those individuals whom the Lord is calling right now to live more radically for Him through our SPO community.