Joy to Catch Souls

Well we’ll just get it out there: Yes, it’s hot in Arizona. Now that we have that established let’s move onto the bigger and better aspects of Arizona, specifically Arizona State University. 

There are close to 70,000 students at ASU (by the way, our very own Men’s Household resident Isaac Miller has become the Student President of ASU! Congrats to him; he is now spreading God’s word in a new and different way). So how are SPO members set apart? How do we touch hearts and grab souls of men and women on campus? The answer is: JOY.


Joy is prayer, joy is strength, joy is love, joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls - Mother Teresa


Just as Jesus had a special love for His apostles, He also has a special affection for all of us. As students at ASU, we have found that a joyful disposition is what allows others to want a Christian life. Our lifestyle is attractive, and different than the majority. We do not dress the same, speak the same, “party” the same. Simple acts of praying together, eating together, and being in community together, calling each other on to Godly relationships, have set us apart from the 70,000 other students at ASU. We have not had any grandiose pool parties, hosted thousands of attendees at a movie night, or hosted a huge BBQ. 

We have, however, held events to inaugurate the Lord’s Day with others, share in fellowship, pray together in formation, be honored and served dinner by our amazing pastoral team and their families... not to mention our shaving cream wars with Barbosal and Pure Silk products, praise and worship time with one another, and rejoicing in the Lord and His work in all the souls we see are touched. 

We are men and women called on mission at ASU. We are set apart by allowing ourselves to be vessels of the Holy Spirit. As SPO Arizona, we are choosing to respond with joy because, well, joy catches souls.