How Youth Groups are Different when Led by SPO Students

by Benjamin LeBeau

In August, we started a youth group here in Tempe.  Like any new initiative, it started out small - about 15 kids - but now we have grown to almost triple that size! 

Leading the youth group has enriched the college mission in ways that I never would have guessed. When I prayed and thanked the Lord for blessing so abundantly the work that we have been doing, I realized that one of the main reasons the high school students have been so responsive is due to the fact that it is led by members of SPO

We as SPO college students have the opportunity to show high school students what living a life on fire for God truly looks like. The students in the youth group are coming to realize something absolutely critical: that they possess the freedom to choose or deny the walk of faith that we are all called to. This point in their life is critical, and during this turning point they are building relationships with college students who have embraced the journey of faith. 

The students in the youth group experience the Joy of the Lord through these relationships, and want it for themselves. They are attracted to the level of brotherhood and sisterhood that they have not seen anywhere else. Because of this, we are already seeing the fruit of this mission, which brings such life to everyone in Household whether they are directly or indirectly involved with the youth group. We can see the Lord working behind us in the high school environment, and ahead of us in the college mission field. 

This wide vision is rare, and we here at SPO AZ are so grateful for it.