Exit Interview

An exit interview should be conducted. At a minimum, this should entail the employee filling out the exit interview form. Where appropriate, this may also be followed up with a meeting to discuss the contents. Please review the Exit Interview prior to completing the form submission.


Email and Server Accounts

SPO employee email accounts will be deactivated two weeks following the last day of employment. After this time, you will not have access to your emails or Google document. Employees should forward any information needed from his/her SPO account to a personal email account.

Additionally, employee SPO server accounts will be deleted. Any personal files saved on the server should be moved to a personal location.

missionary partner development

As noted in the MPD manual, if you are about to stop working for SPO, there are two important steps for you to take in regards to your support team:

  1. Contact each of the members of your team to inform them that you will be leaving SPO staff and ask them to consider continuing to donate to SPO. If they are willing, the default (unless they specify otherwise) is that they would support their local Mission Center. If they do not have one, they would default to whatever Mission Center you are serving in. If they would prefer to continue as a MPD donor, they may instead switch to supporting the work of a different Missionary. If they do not wish to continue donating to SPO, the last month for monthly donors is normally whatever your last month is.
  2. Once you have contacted all your team members, provide a list of them to your MPD supervisor and to the Annual Fund Coordinator, specifying what each of them would like to do in regards to continuing. The National Headquarters will then be in touch with them to arrange details.

Health Benefits Transition

If applicable, employees ending employment with SPO will lose any health benefits provided by SPO. Employees are offered the opportunity to continue coverage for up to 18 months following employment. The costs for this is covered by the EMPLOYEE (paid to SPO). Health benefits will end on the employment end date or the last day of the month. Additional information is available from the HR Coordinator.

    SPO Property

    All property belonging to SPO must be returned to SPO by the last day of employment. Examples include SPO issued credit cards and laptop computers.