• 150+ are living permanent vocations to the priesthood or religious life
  • 98% attend Sunday Mass
  • 95% donate to the Church
  • 91% spend time in prayer every day
  • 82% currently volunteer for the Church
  • 82% consider themselves to be passionate Catholics after participating in SPO, compared to 32% before participating*
  • 27% now serve the Church full time (priest, religious, SPO, youth ministry, parish work, etc.)
  • 2% Divorce rate



This year alone:

  • 17,000 REACHED by SPO Missionaries through a personal witness of faith or invitation to join the SPO community
  • 2,300 CALLED to embrace faith in Christ through their weekly participation in SPO programs
  • 574 FORMED to maturity in the Catholic faith and life through SPO’s Households and Formation Program
  • 232 SENT out to spread the Gospel as Student Missionaries and full-time SPO staff

Margin of Error: 3.5%

*Choices: Passionate Catholic, Practicing Catholic, Non-observant Catholic, Christian (not Catholic), Atheist/Agnostic, Other