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What information do I need to provide to register?
Registration involves two steps. For the first step, you will need to provide basic personal information and payment information. After your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation message in your email. At the end of the confirmation email is a link to a liability form which *needs to be completed in order for you to attend retreat*. For step two, you will need to provide emergency information including medical insurance, allergies, and current medications, as well as information for carpooling.

How do I pay for the retreat?
During the registration process, you will be forwarded to PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards as well as linked bank accounts. If this is not a viable option, contact a Missionary or email the BC Fan into Flame Administrator at celia.noffke@spo.org .

How do I cancel my registration?
You may cancel your registration by emailing the BC Fan into Flame Administrator at celia.noffke@spo.org.

Do I have to complete my registration all in one sitting?
After payment, you may come back to step two of the registration by clicking here. Though this form can be completed after payment, it will not save your progress and must be completed in one sitting.


Where is the retreat located? How far away is it?
BC Fan into Flame November 2019 is located at Prairie Star Ranch: 1124 California Road, Williamsburg, KS 660956 -- about two hours away from BC. It may be a long drive, but Prairie Star has a beautiful campus where you can enjoy the peace of nature, as well as comfortable meeting and living spaces for a life-giving retreat.

What if I need a ride to the retreat?
You may indicate this on the transportation section of step two of your registration. There will be an organized carpool leaving from near BC's campus on the evening of November 22nd. If you have indicated you need a ride or are willing to drive others, you will receive an email regarding the carpool.

When should I arrive at the retreat?
You will be notified via email about exact times closer to the retreat.

What if I need to arrive late to the retreat?
Please contact the BC Fan into Flame Administrator at celia.noffke@spo.org.


When does the retreat start and end?
Plan to arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 pm on Friday, November 22nd. Clean up, packing, and departure begins at 1:00pm on Sunday, November 24th.

Is there dinner on Friday night?
Dinner will not be served on Friday. Please make arrangements to eat an early dinner, pack a dinner, or stop on the way.

What if I need to depart early from the retreat?
Please contact the BC Fan into Flame Administrator at celia.noffke@spo.org.

Will there be free time?
Yes. Saturday will include an extended recreation period.

What does a typical day look like?
Generally, each day will include a balance of talks, testimonies, hang out time, small groups, breaks, and prayer.

Does the retreat include a Sunday Mass?
Yes. Mass will be celebrated on Sunday morning.


What should I pack?
• Linens: pillow, blanket and/or sleeping bag
• Toiletries and towels for showers
• Comfortable and weather appropriate clothes
• Clothes for recreation time (For both Men and Women. Men will likely be getting muddy)
• Sweatshirt (it may get cold in the main room)
• Weather appropriate shoes (we will be traveling between different buildings for various activities)
• Nice clothes for Mass on Sunday
• A few bucks for gas for your driver
• Bible, journal, pen, books, anything else you desire for prayer time
• Indoor/outdoor games, cards, anything you want for free time

Who can come to Fan into Flame?
BC's Fan into Flame is primarily for young adult college students attending Benedictine College and neighboring colleges.