We're working to Fill the Flame in February! We'll join together in prayer for the 2015-2016 Mission Leader Recruiting efforts. As we enter into this last month of the Application Process, we encourage all staff to lift up these particular prayers for our Recruits, our Missionaries, and our organization.

If you're willing to offer up a day of prayer for these intentions, let Lori know (lori.dumas@spoweb.org), and she'll assign you to a particular day. The calendar will be updated daily with names and date assignments. Keep checking the calendar to watch as we Fill the Flame!

Prayer Requests

  • For all Recruits, that they would have peace, clarity, confidence, wisdom, and patience throughout this process, as well as joy-filled hearts ready to serve the Lord.
  • For a surplus of 15-16 Recruits, that SPO would have the best Mission Leaders to fulfill this great call. For all returning Mission Leaders, that they would come to greater understanding of the Lord's will for their service in SPO.
  • For all Mission Centers and Liaisons, that all staff would be great examples of love and service and be open to influencing recruiting efforts at their Mission Centers.
  • For the Recruiting Department and all Interview, Decision, and Placement teams, that they find courage and wisdom throughout this process and in every decision. For greater unity and communication among each other and with all Mission Centers.