Looking for a place where you can be surrounded by other committed Catholics?

SPO Household might be for you. SPO Households provide a challenging and transformative environment that equips young Catholics, like you, who want to live out the call to holiness in their daily lives. As a Household member, you will be immersed in a setting that is rooted in the Catholic Church and characterized by supportive, life-giving relationships and a common way of life.

Life Together

Life together in a Household includes praying together, eating together, doing chores, offering hospitality to guests, and being on mission together.



Prayer & Formation

Prayer is at the heart of Household life. We gather at various times during the week for Morning Prayer, and each Household member is encouraged and supported in a rich daily personal prayer life.

Being in SPO Household also means receiving formation within the broader SPO community. SPO provides small groups, teachings, retreats, and larger prayer gathering to help you take the next step in your life in Christ.


Service & Being on Mission Together

Service is a major component of our life in SPO Households. Living in community provides us with numerous opportunities each day to serve and grow in selfless love. Learning to lay down our lives for others on a daily basis is an excellent preparation for our future vocations.

Being in Household also means being on Mission together. Our life together isn’t just for ourselves. Rather we open our lives and our Households to be places where others can come in contact with Christ and the life of the Church. 

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