New Territory for SPO in Kansas City

God asks us to put out into the deep and that’s what SPO will be doing this year in Kansas City. In spreading the Gospel here, our mission-field is twofold. We will be working at Johnson Community College in Kansas City. With over 20,000 students it is one of the nation's biggest county colleges, and there is no Catholic ministry on the campus. Starting this semester 4 SPO missionaries will be serving there, building relationships with students and creating a community of Catholic disciples. Certainly some challenges await us, but we are hopeful and excited because God is behind this work and we know He has a good plan.

Our second mission is to help build the post college young adult community in Kansas City. While SPO mainly does college outreach, it sometimes extends into the post-college years. Having been established a couple of years ago, this community has grown to a fairly large group of committed members. Our vision is for it to continue to flourish, reaching as many young adults as possible with the Gospel and equipping them to live as disciples and missionaries.

There is a lot of excitement among the Kansas City missionary staff. We are eager to start meeting new people, planning events and small groups, and taking new territory. We know our work will require a lot of faith and trust in the Lord but are confident he will provide. The Holy Spirit is certainly moving with power here in Kansas City! Please pray for us as we continue build a community of disciples on mission.