Semester Kick-off

Happy New Year!  Although we are only a few weeks into the semester, the Benedictine College SPO community has hit the ground running! A couple of things to note about the first two weeks back are the Formation retreat, and the new schedule of programming here at Benedictine College.

Formation Retreat

formation at two kingdoms.jpg

A couple of days before the semester started, the Formation students came back to BC for a day-long retreat. The purpose of this retreat was to reconnect – with the Lord, with each other, and with the mission as a community of disciples. One of the sessions focused on relational evangelization and why we as Saint Paul’s Outreach use this method of outreach. To help emphasize the point, we watched a video called “Fruitcake and Ice Cream.” We highly encourage you to watch it as well! (Start at 26:30 and watch through about 50:00).  In the video, Louie Giglio tells the story of how a college student named Kristen shared her faith by merely loving her roommate, Ashley. By being concerned for her and truly wanting to get to know her, Ashley’s life dramatically changed in the span of 14 days.

In Saint Paul’s Outreach, we use this video to emphasize the immense power of loving the people around us. Going out and seeking relationships with the individuals we interact with in our daily lives opens the door for the Lord to speak and work through us. Without even realizing it, our relationships with these individuals could potentially lead to the conversion of one’s life to embrace Jesus Christ as Lord.

A New Pattern of Life

As a result of the Formation retreat and what we have been hearing from the Lord, we have decided to change our pattern of life to create more opportunities for relationships that the Lord can work through. This change will open up the possibility for more organic fellowship in our community, such as Lord’s Day ceremonies, Men’s and Women’s nights, card tournaments, etc.  We have already seen an increase in fruitful community, both with pre-existing and new relationships. As we look forward to the rest of the semester, we are very excited about the direction our community is heading in!

God Bless you all!