Answers to the Most FAQs of SPO Young Adult Missionaries

by Mission Leader Jaclyn Trevino

Oh, you're an SPO Mission Leader! How wonderful! Which college are you serving at?

I sure am! However, I'm currently serving the young adult community; we aren't at a college.

Isn't SPO a college ministry? 

Why yes, we are! We serve college campuses all over the country; however in KC, we serve Johnson County Community College. While SPO is typically a college ministry, our first Young Adult Chapter exists in Kansas City! It's exciting and vibrant!

Tell me, who counts as a  "Young Adult," exactly?

Good question... Currently, our community consists of post-graduates ranging in age from early twenties to early thirties. Most of them have careers, some are in graduate school, they're all great people from various backgrounds, living normal lives in the world.

What kind of programs do you have going on for them?

Our main programs are Formation, separate men's and women's Small Groups, Lord's Day celebrations. We also have a Leadership Team and an Executive Team, which some members of our community are a part of. While all of these programs are important, the focus is building a community of people on mission. These programs are part of how we do that, but we want to be more than a group of people attending programs together. We want to be moving toward the Lord, in unity.

How long has SPO KCYA been around? 

This is SPO's second year having a full-time Mission staff devoted to serving the young adult community. Last year, the Mission Leaders were split between two Chapters (YA and JCCC). Before that, there were a couple of staff members and committed young adults who helped get things off the ground. I'm part of the crew who got here just this August, so I don't really know what it's been like in years past, but I can say that I keep hearing what a difference it makes to have committed Mission Leaders whose only focus is building the young adult community. 

Where do you find these young adults?

Another good question, and it's one that's been asked since I got here, probably even before that. We don't have an answer yet and that's causing us to get creative with our jobs. Young adults hang out at bars with their friends, doing trivia nights, playing in sports leagues, and relaxing in their homes after a long day of work. We've tried some bar ministry, street ministry (yes, they're different), and joined sports leagues. The young adults who are currently coming around have heard about us by word of mouth. People come, experience our community, and bring their friends. That's actually really effective and helps our community grow in a way that will last. We also have a Facebook page which helps us stay connected with people we just met and keep them in the loop about what's going on. 

How's it going so far?

It's growing! We're having a hard time keeping up with the Holy Spirit and how fast He's moving! There are still plenty of things to be figured out about young adult ministry and we're actively working on that but the Lord is building the house and if He weren't, we'd be laboring in vain.