Fan into Flame: Inspiring a Relationship with Christ


"I urge you to fan into flame the gift that you were given..." - 2 Timothy 1:6

Fan into Flame (FIF) is a retreat focused on the power of God and the freedom and joy that comes from living in a relationship with Christ. Last week, 30 students from all over Kansas, and even further, gathered together to pray for a release of the Holy Spirit in their lives and it was powerful! When I attended FIF as a junior in college, I experienced the Lord in a very real way that didn’t put a big smile on my face, but instead bestowed a great peace upon my heart. From that retreat, God began a healing in me and a relationship with Him was born. I left desiring the Eucharist in a way I had never experienced before, as well as desire to spend time in prayer daily. God had revealed himself to me in a very real way and my life has never been the same. I didn’t leave with a “God high,” but with the thought, “God is real and because of that my life needs to change.” This was my hope and my prayer for the students attending, and God not only answered this prayer, but exceeded it. He worked powerfully in the lives of each of the students and inspired in each of their hearts a relationship with Him!

It was beautiful to watch the transformation of the students throughout the weekend. Many of the students came into the weekend stressed, distracted, nervous, anxious, and excited, but as the weekend continued, God spoke through the talks and through the worship and the mood of the people began to change and be more at ease and peace with Christ. There was a talk on Saturday evening called Repentance which ended up being a major turning point for many of those attending. My teammate, Anthony, spoke on the story of the prodigal son and ended his talk by saying, “We do not have a master, but a father who loves us and does not want us to live in darkness, but in freedom.”

Please keep all of the students in your prayers, that they do not forget the things that God did over the weekend and that this was a launching point into a life lived in relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What We Heard

I have been on lots of retreats and I came here looking for a big emotional retreat. But this time, God was not about emotion, He was about being with me. He said, ‘You never hang out with me, so sit here and just be with Me.’ This weekend I learned what it means to be in relationship with God.
— Cody
He is powerful! I came in with so many questions. I was restless, asking why He chose me. Struggling over what I was to do spiritually. I did my first confession and it was powerful! It’s been a crazy ride and I have taken huge steps to Christ.
— Dillon
Recently I have been straying from God. In the last three weeks I hit a big, rough bump. I took it out on SPO, avoided them and God. I went into this retreat with blind faith and I needed help. I doubt people. Constantly. But now, I have found a renewal of faith and even though it is the smallest grain of sand, it is strong. I’ve never been so happy and overjoyed.
— Peka
God works in amazing and wonderful ways. I came to visit and next thing I know I’m here at this awesome retreat. I went from being confused about what God wants for my life and I leave now with a vision and direction for my next step with Jesus.
— Greg