A Christmas Soirée

Most everyone likes a good party. By 'good party' I mean it's the type of party where you leave feeling more joyful, more hopeful, more content than when you came. It's the type of party where you eat good food, talk with good people - you laugh, smile, and, most-likely, dance. It’s the type of party that engages you as a person from the heart to the mind to the senses. It’s the type of party that leaves a man in his mid-twenties saying on Facebook, “Spectacular Soirée, SPO! What a party!”

The 2nd Annual Saint Paul’s Outreach Christmas Soirée was a good party. Around 60 young professionals put on their Christmas finest and gathered at the Garment House in downtown Kansas City on Saturday, December 12th. There was food, drink, swing lessons, laughter, suits, ties, dresses, conversation, and plenty of dancing. A good party.

Most people like a good party, but Saint Paul’s Outreach had more in mind than a good party when hosting the Christmas Soirée.

Saint Paul’s Outreach exists because young adults are made to live a life in Christ. Holiness, community, and mission are the catalysts to help young adults do just that.

The Christmas Soirée wasn’t just a good party, but a celebration, a way to live a life in Christ.  It was a time set aside to celebrate the joy of Christmas; Christ among us.

Celebrations make community possible by strengthening relationships and providing a place for evangelization and new relationships to grow.  Holiness, communion, and mission - inviting others into Christian community to rejoice in the birth of the Savior! 

The Christmas Soirée was a celebration. It was a joyful time where community was fostered, mission was possible, friendships strengthened, and a time where young professionals could live well and bring their coworkers and friends into that life.  The Christmas Soirée was a party, a good old fashioned party.  And who doesn’t like a good party?

Line dancing