Jesus Comes to Class

There are plenty of moments that make a Missionary proud to be doing the work he's doing. An event you spent weeks planning goes off without a hitch.  A student thanks you for the impact you're making on his life.  Everyone in your house makes it to morning prayer on time once.  It's the little things.

I had one of those moments just recently. We're a fairly young Chapter here in Kansas City at Johnson County Community College (JCCC). We have a relatively small but fiercely loyal contingent of students working with us. Students here are very raw and most of what we do on campus focuses on outreach and conversion - meeting new students and introducing them to our way of life as Catholics in Saint Paul's Outreach. 

Earlier this month, we had our inaugural First Friday Mass at Johnson County Community College. It was beautiful. 

We had approximately 30 students, faculty, staff, and guests of JCCC present for the liturgy, presided over by Fr. Andrew Strobl, a good friend of SPO here in Kansas City. I had the privilege of leading the music for our liturgy; as I was playing the mass parts during the Liturgy of the Eucharist (the second half of the mass where Christ through His priest transubstantiates the bread and wine into His very own Body and Blood), it hit me. What we are doing is extraordinary! 

This is why I am a Missionary. This is why I serve. I get to help bring Jesus to a community college in Overland Park, Kansas. Sure, I get to play a lot of volleyball and KanJam with complete strangers on campus, telling them why I am there and who sent me. Yeah, we host bible studies, small group meetings, outreach dinners, and praise nights in the basement of our Men's Household. That's all good and necessary.

In my mind, though, nothing compares to literally bringing Jesus onto campus and worshiping Him with my community once a month.