Kansas City Young Adults Hosts Largest "Fan Into Flame" Yet

By: Brigitte Pinsonneault

“It is full time now for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.”  Romans 13:11

The Lord is awakening his people.  This is what roughly seventy-five young professionals discovered as they gathered together for an SPO Fan into Flame retreat this past weekend.  Travelling from Kansas City and surrounding areas to the beauty of the Lake Doniphan Conference and Retreat Center in western Missouri, these faithful men and women offered their lives to Jesus Christ, some doing so for the first time.

This was the largest Fan into Flame retreat every held by the Kansas City young adult ministry of SPO, with almost twice as many retreat attendants as in years previous.  With a handful of married couples and four religious men and women, this was also one of the more diverse groups attending any one retreat.

The Lord worked powerfully over the weekend, speaking words to his people that prompted a fuller encounter with the reckless love of the Father.  Revealing the goodness of his heart, the Father brought healing, deeper conversion, and a "yes" to life in mission through the power of the Holy Spirit.

One young man, not yet baptized in the Christian faith, marked his experience with a decision to begin attending RCIA classes.  Another young man said that he had never before witnessed so many young people acting so boldly and generously in their faith.  "I was so impressed by how deep we got in such a short amount time."

The Lord is stirring in the hearts of young people in Kansas City, calling them to a life made new in him