A Call for Compassion

By: Sunny Morrill

Today I was sitting in one of my classes, simply listening to the lecture, when I got this overwhelming urge to write this. I quickly ripped a page out of my spiral and wrote what you're about to read: something I'd like to entitle"A Call for Compassion". My fellow humans, a prayer of mine has always been for a more empathetic world, and that is where this post comes from. We are all called to care for one another, and we cannot let a world that believes in hiding emotions destroy that call. 

So, this is your call for compassion. 

Let us inquire two things upon a meeting with someone. 

Inquiry one is the way to the true form of someone. For day by day we simply ask "How are you?", but due to society's connotation of the question, we answer surface level, never connecting in a pure form, never connecting to the heartbeat that runs beneath the surface. I instead urge you to ask "How is your heart?", for that truly shows you want to go beyond skin deep. You want to go for their heart, something much deeper. The human condition calls for companionship. God created us to care and be servants to one another as His son came to do for us, and through fruitful conversation we build strong relationships in Christ. As He created Adam and Eve, we are created to be in company, so I urge you to address the condition of the mind and heart with true compassion and genuine curiosity. 

Inquiry two is meant to be a follow up to inquiry one, but on its own is a beautiful show of sacrificial love. My brothers and sisters, I once again urge you to ask and humble yourself by asking, "How can I best serve you?". How can you best treat someone with the compassion of Christ? Find the condition of your peer and from there serve them based on their needs. If they are sad, find joy. If they are happy, find celebration. If they are angry, find peace. Humble yourself by serving in a society that tells you that you are better and above the person next to you. When we humble ourselves to serve, we become a handmaid like our mother, Mary, whom is an excellent example of surrendering yourself to God. 

So my dear ones, if you desire genuine relationships, do not fear vulnerability. Start by seeking compassion for the mind and heart, and beauty will emerge. 

"When you know how much God is in love with you, then you can only live your life radiating that love"

 -Saint Teresa of Calcutta