“Stayne” Alive: Young Adult Pilgrimage to Minnesota

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The weekend of November 16-18, 2018,  15 young professionals caravanned from Kansas City to Minnesota to attend the Healing and Empowerment School (about 500 people attended in total) with Damian Stayne, hosted by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Damian Stayne is the founder of the the Catholic Community, Cor et Lumen Christi, based just outside of London.

This group of 15 young professionals is part of SPO’s MissionKC, a night of praise and worship, teaching, activation, and fellowship held twice per month for young adults in Kansas City. MissionKC nights provide a place where young adults can step out and take risks in the exercise of spiritual gifts, a place where we can make mistakes and learn, a place for ongoing teaching and kindly correction, and a safe place where we feel loved and cared for in the context of community. MissionKC is a springboard from which to take these gifts into their daily lives.

On Saturday evening of the 3-day conference, Damian Stayne and his team hosted a Miracle Healing Service at a local Catholic Church in the Twin Cities, MN. The evening is marked by the miraculous. From a young woman getting up out of her wheelchair to run up and down the stairs, to an elderly gentleman taking out his hearing aids because his ears were healed and he could now hear without them, Jesus was certainly present and working powerfully at the Miracle Healing Service and throughout the whole weekend, with many healings happening in the workshops during the conference itself.

Kevin Bailey, a youth minister in Kansas City and a long time participant in SPO (both in college and now in his life as a young professional), shares, “What struck me most about the conference was not the miracles or the talks, but the silent witness of community life that Damian and his community, Cor et Lumen Christi, live out, and the manifestation of the Spirit in the lives of his children. By living contrary to the world and inviting others to do the same, [Damian Stayne and his community Cor et Lumen Christi] model the saints. They detach from this world so they might attach more to Christ. This has already prompted my wife and I to discuss what a radical life looks like and how we, like the rich young man, can leave everything to follow Him.”