Caffeine, Cards & Good Conversations

Once a week at 7:00 AM, Benedictine college students and missionaries make their way across campus to one of the apartment lounges and begin their day in a radical way. Joining hundreds of other students and missionaries across the country, all participants offer their day to the Lord through morning prayer followed by praise and worship. But the fun doesn’t end there!

Following morning prayer, students and missionaries make their way over to the campus coffee shop, Holy Grounds, for a warm drink, card games and enjoyable conversations. For the next three hours, missionaries and students welcome passersby into conversations and games, hand out donuts and establish a warm and inviting environment.


These morning hours on campus are an excellent time to encounter students we may have not otherwise crossed paths with and spend quality leisure time with friends. Benedictine College sophomore, Lexi, says "I enjoy going to Holy Grounds because I always end up having the best random yet powerful conversations with people. I always leave feeling joyful!" Popular card game choices include Up and Down The River, Go Fish and King’s Corner. Rumor has it that all of this card game practice has even helped students emerge as the reigning champion of other card game tournaments!