Young Adult Fan into Flame 2017

Eighty came. Men and women who had graduated college one, five, ten years ago. Men and women who were adults, however young. Some came because they stumbled across the Facebook page or website, but most came because someone invited them, a friend, a missionary, a coworker. Eighty young adults came, invited by someone and looking for something. 

The Fan into Flame Retreat consisted of four main components: content, community, sacraments, and opportunity.

The content was a series of talks on the Gospel Message in four basic parts. Part one, God the Father loves us, part two, the best lord of our Life is Jesus, part three, it is necessary to turn away from sin in order to turn towards God and, part four, God gives us new life in the Holy Spirit.

Community looked like having a place to process the content with other men and women in small groups during the weekend. It looked like living life together through meals, sports, and social times. It meant worshipping God together through song with one voice as the scriptures say. It meant praying with each other on Saturday night as everyone was encouraged to speak to God repentance, belief, surrender, trust, and reception of God's love.

The sacraments punctuated the Gospel Message. The Father's love, repentance, forgiveness, Jesus as being Lord, and the power of the Holy Spirit were made real in the sacraments of confession, in Eucharistic adoration, and through the Holy Mass. Each day there was opportunity for personal prayer time.

Finally a retreat is an event and can be a beginning but transformation of a heart happens over time. This retreat provided young adults of Kansas City opportunities for knowing God's love deeper, for sins to be forgiven, for community, and for decisions to be made. Decisions that will last longer than the weekend. Decisions that impact futures. 

Friday night eighty young adults came out to the Fan into Flame Retreat looking for something, and Sunday afternoon eighty young adults came back to Kansas City having found someone. Someone who is their Father, who is a good Lord, who is working in power in their life.