Fan Into Flame - A Welcome Home For Young Professionals

Photos: Lily Tighe

Photos: Lily Tighe

On September 7, 8, and 9, 2018, just over 50 young professionals from Kansas City and surrounding areas converged in rural Kansas to attend SPO’s young adult Fan into Flame retreat. This SPO retreat for in Kansas City has become somewhat of a tradition for young adults in the area, as it’s been faithfully occurring during the weekend after Labor Day for the past few years. The Fan into Flame retreat, one of SPO’s pride and joys, is traditionally a weekend retreat packed with powerful talks and testimonies, deep praise and worship, and rich community life and opportunities for friendship. This particular Fan into Flame did not disappoint.


The 50 young professionals on this retreat willingly chose to give up a weekend at home and set aside time for the Lord on a retreat. With this decision, they basically said, “Lord, I give you this time, and I trust you will not be outdone in generosity. I’m taking a chance on you.” These young professionals - nurses, teachers, architects, accountants, and more - packed sleeping bags, toiletries, and prayer materials and journeyed into rural Kansas in order to sleep on plastic mattresses and bunk beds for an entire weekend. And they paid to do it! Only Jesus can inspire that. Being in the wilderness, though, in a space set apart for something different - it facilitated the mindset that God had something special and distinct for each person during this retreat weekend.


On Saturday evening of this retreat, retreatants pray over one another in small groups of men and small groups of women. They are also given the opportunity to proclaim Jesus as Lord of their lives, and some do this for the first time. It is a powerful experience for everyone present. A few different retreatants said that this year's Fan into Flame felt "safe" in a way that was different from past years. It was “safe” to share deeply and vulnerably in small group, it felt safe for people to be authentically themselves, and it felt safe to dive into a deep experience of God with one another and with a community of believers. In a world where one of the greatest issues facing young people is loneliness, this retreat was a welcome home for many.



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