The Trinity of a Successful Party: Good Entertainment, Great Food, and the Best of People.


On August 25, 2018, 50+ students from UMKC, JCCC, Rockhurst attended SPO KC Colleges’ first-ever Hog Roast.


Up until this point, the Kansas City Colleges had never attempted a Hog Roast like so many other SPO Chapters consistently throw every fall. We’d tried wiffle ball, we’d tried making dozens of meatballs, and as successful as these attempts were, we knew it was time to seriously consider the bulletproof Hog Roast party formula. So that’s what we did, we copied everyone else, and some might say we did it better.

       Every event that we went to or put on within welcome week, we handed out flyers and invited students to our party. The day before the Hog Roast, we parked on either side of a busy land on campus, handed out freezie pops, played cornhole, and invited as many students as we could to the party!


Something really great about doing a Hog Roast is the process of smoking the meat. For the guys, this is a great bonding activity. It should be noted that most chapters have the means and attendance to smoke a whole pig, which always looks cool, however we had neither the means nor the attendance nor the smoker to achieve this, so a few pork butts sufficed. The men took shifts from 9pm the night before until the next morning, controlling the smoke as time passed. As crazy of a process it is, the pork ended up tasting incredible! So it must’ve been worth it. We served pulled pork with buns, mac and cheese, baked beans, salad, and cookies and brownies for dessert! The leftovers were glorious.

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We had a humble backyard and driveway to work with, but with lights, leis, and some tiki torches, a great environment was set! We set out games like cornhole and kanjam, but they were barely used, as most of the time everyone was in groups of conversation! As additional entertainment, we set up a little stage in the corner of the yard. Three of our own missionaries performed sets of songs on guitar or ukulele, and we also had a special guest from Atchison, KS to come and play covers of popular country music and some original songs. Midway through the night, we made an announcement about Saint Paul’s Outreach, what we’re trying to do, and invited them to fill out their contact info if they were interested in coming to more events. We probably got 15-20 additional contacts that night!

It was a great success for our little chapter, and we hope to continue throwing organic, lively, and truly fun events so as to reach more and more of the students the Lord has for us!


Contact: John Prost

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