Welcome to our senior meditations page! Here, you can find a series of weekly meditations meant to guide you in your discernment of serving as a Missionary with Saint Paul's Outreach. Each week, a new meditation will be posted with reflective and challenging questions along with a short prayer.

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Return to the Lord    

As you consider what God wants for your life - do not start by thinking through all of the options before you, but, begin with considering all that God has done for you. Think about How much God loves you. He has a plan for your life. He has made you for Greatness and calls you to a life of Freedom and Excellence.

As you begin to grasp more fully the magnitude of these Truths, take time to express your gratitude for the love and blessings He has poured out upon you. (see Psalm 103)


Then, out of a heart filled with gratitude, make an offering of your life to the Lord and ask with the Psalmist: “How can I make a return to the Lord for all the good He has done for me?” (Psalm 116:12)

Prayer: Take time this week to:

  • Make a “Gratitude” list of all that you have to be grateful for?

  • Pray and reflect on Psalms 103 and 116


Freedom for Excellence

We all desire to be free; but, what do we mean by “freedom”? In God alone do we find true freedom. As we submit our lives more fully to God and are formed in His ways our life expands and opens up to the freedom that God has for us. This freedom can be called Freedom for Excellence.


  • What is my definition of freedom? How do I pursue it?

  • Do the choices I make lead to greater freedom and growth in my relationship with God?

Prayer: Lord, I give my life to You so as to live in the freedom that You desire for me.


You are Made for Greatness

“We were not created to lead drab, narrow or constricted lives, but to live in the wide-open spaces..” -Jacques Philippe

Within each one of us is a desire for more.  If we really think about it, the problem is not that we expect too much but rather, that we ask too little from our Heavenly Father. One of the greatest things you can give God is your expectation.

Ad Maiora Natus Sum (I am born for Greater things). “We are not simply human beings.  We are created by God in his image and likeness. All of us are born to be great. All of us are born to be God-like.  Let us not settle for something less. Let us be what God has meant us to be, that is, men and women born to be great.” - Blessed Augustus Czartoryski


  • What is your level of expectation in your relationship with God?

  • Are you letting God love you?

Prayer: Lord, I want all that you have for me. Show me who I was created to be.


We spend a lot of time planning for our future, setting things in place for the ‘good life’. In the midst of this have we honestly taken time to ask ourselves and God what His plans and desires for us are? Do we seek the ‘good life’ or the ‘God life’? Which is more exciting and fulfilling?


  • What are my plans for my life?

  • Have I honestly brought them before God and sought His will, His plan for my life?

Take some time this week to pray: “Here is my life Lord, where do You want me to go? Holy Spirit, guide me."