Come, Let Us Worship the Lord!

If you are like me when you hear, "We had a prayer meeting last week," you would be like, “Huh? What in the world is that?” At the University of Minnesota we had the first of several prayer meetings last week that will take place throughout the year at St. Lawrence Catholic Church and Newman Center.  We heard a compelling talk from our very own Women's Mission Director Kelsey Schimmel about what it means to worship. After, we had a time of worship led by our Men's Mission Director Charles Haben and our student music team, including some time for intercessions and intentional focus on what the Lord was speaking to all gathered there. It was a joy to look out from behind a music stand and see 30+ students worshiping the Lord together and growing in their relationship with Christ!

For me it was a special opportunity to be able to pray and praise with our community on campus—we had a really talented music team and it was a good time to enter more deeply into worship in such a prayerful setting. Especially with so many busy and stressful schedules, it is a time that brings people together and is also very rejuvenating!
— Shannon Conroy, student at the University of Minnesota

You still might be wondering what this whole prayer meeting thing is all about. Well, a prayer meeting is a gathering of Christian faithful where we pray as a community; it’s as simple as that! There are many different things that can make up a prayer meeting ranging from praise and worship to praying over individuals, no two prayer meetings are the same.

Feel free to join us for our next prayer meeting at the University of Minnesota! See the events page for a schedule and details.