Undergraduate Formation Program

This year Saint Paul’s Outreach Minnesota has 120 people involved in our Undergraduate Formation Program.  This program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to dive deeper into their faith and explore how to live an authentically Christian life.  Every other week students and the SPO Missionary Corps gather together for a time of worship, a formational talk, and an opportunity to pray in response to the words they received. On the off weeks, each student is filtered into a small group of men or women led by an SPO missionary or post-graduate volunteer.  This provides an opportunity for additional discussion, accountability, and peer support.

Through the formation program, I have been able to uncover a greater depth and meaning to the teachings of the Catholic Church. On top of that, it has provided methods for me to channel my zeal and fervor in order to grow in my identity in Christ through virtue and intentionality.
— Sarah Hebel, University of Minnesota

SPO Missionary Charles Haben presents on Christian relationships and the iWorld

Being involved in the formation program has honestly been one of the most significant parts of my time in university thus far. Having my small group and leader’s support is what has gotten me through different challenges I’ve faced. Being able to laugh and cry (I’m not being over dramatic… this is real life) with girls who are fellow students and who are also striving to follow God is such a blessing! They call me on to holiness and encourage me. I am continually inspired in my personal faith journey because of their example. Although we are all very different, they are now some of my closest friends. When I’m having a long day, long week, or even what seems like a long year, attending small group helps me refocus and keep persevering in faith. It’s really hard to live out your Catholic faith on a college campus day in and day out. It is the support of other people that makes it possible, and for me, those people are the women in my small group. Their wisdom and prayers are a lifeline to me.
— Loretta Hall, University of Saint Thomas