Recap from SNE 2013

SNE Participants from Minnesota (to see more pictures click here) 

At the beginning of August, 200+ students from all over the country joined the Mission Staff at the University of St. Thomas for eight days at the School of the New Evangelization (SNE).  We prayed, shared meals, learned, worshiped, served, and played together.  The students received formation on a variety of topics: daily prayer, Ignatian spirituality, communion, chastity, emotional virtue, household living, mission, relational evangelization, etc.  We spent a day in service doing projects all over the Twin Cities area.  We had small groups with whom to share our experience and Men’s and Women’s Nights to grow together in brotherhood/sisterhood.  The men had an awesome ultimate frisbee tournament.  Catholic artists and songwriters Audrey Assad and Ike Ndolo performed for us and led us in worship.  We celebrated daily Mass and prayed Morning and Night Prayer together.  It was an incredibly uplifting and powerful experience for many people!


Hear how participants from Minnesota enjoyed the experience…

One of the best things about SNE was the chance to deepen relationships, with my peers and with the Lord. Being surrounded by so many loving people my age who are on fire for their faith was wonderfully reassuring and life-giving. And with that community and through prayer, I learned that there is no problem and no heart so hardened the Lord cannot work through - He can get to you. And He wants to because He loves you!
— Lauren DeZelar, first year at SNE, University of Minnesota (sophomore)
SNE has been the highlight of my past two summers. The ability to bond with people from all across the U.S., through prayer, fellowship, and teaching, is an opportunity I wouldn’t pass up for anything. It is so up-building to encounter so many young people who are on fire for the Lord and are striving to love and serve Him in the best way that they can.
— Michael Bielejeski, second year at SNE, University of St. Thomas (sophomore)
SNE was the best thing I did all summer. One of the most memorable talks I attended can be summed up in one verse: ‘Conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I will hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the Gospel’ (Philippians 1:27). Going back to school, I want to make this my goal each and every day in hopes of drawing other students to the Christian life.
— Kristina Gavino, second year at SNE, University of Minnesota (junior)
After finishing my week at SNE I realize my mission to evangelize and to help others walk in the light of Christ beside me… We as devout Christians may seem from the outside to be a minority at UST, but now with the things I’ve learned from SNE, it is time to go out and make disciples on our campus. It’s going to be hard, but all I can say is Challenge Accepted!
— Anne Tracy, first year at SNE, University of St. Thomas (sophomore)
My favorite part about SNE was seeing over 200 Catholic men and women come together with one purpose—to love… to love God, to love each other, and to love others. We are not worthy of Christ’s call, but He still calls. He calls us deeper to know, love, and serve Him. He calls us deeper to humble ourselves and to rely on Him. He calls us deeper to love.
— Jenny Murtha, second year at SNE, University of St. Thomas (junior)
SNE gives me so much hope for the future and makes me proud of the work we do. We get to see some of the fruit of our labor as 200+ of our most committed students around the nation come to experience more of what Jesus has for them and testify to the life they have in him through SPO. It’s so powerful when you see student after student talk about how Jesus spoke to them during their time at SNE and that they have been charged with a new mission. It’s beautiful, it happened to me, it happens to them. The Lord calls many students to missionary work through SNE.
— Damian Santiago, fourth year at SNE, University of St. Thomas (SPO Mission Director)