Worship Leader Training

On a chilly Saturday in January around 25 dedicated students and missionaries from the University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas gathered at St. Lawrence Newman Center for training. This was no ordinary training, It was for one reason and one reason alone: how to be great worship leaders! We were blessed to have Robert Fischer present on the topics of "What is worship?" and "What is the role of a worship leader?" This was a wonderful opportunity for veterans and those new to leading worship to learn many practical tips for how to be better leaders and the importance of leading a worship team within the SPO community. We enjoyed spending a little time in worship too (what kind of worship leader training doesn't include an opportunity to worship the Lord?).  I know I at least gained a deeper desire for true worship and freedom from fears that hold us back from being able to worship freely.

Students begin with a time of prayer during SPO Worship Leader Training.

What does it mean to be a worship leader?

Helping others dive deeper into their faith and their relationship with God through singing. Not just playing music well, but really focusing on God to lead the worship team to lead others. It is to focus on God and give the music up to Him, not to focus on the music.
— Kaly K., Freshman at the University of Minnesota
To be an intermediary for the Spirit’s guidance and a people in a praise and worship setting.
— Shannon C., Junior at the University of Minnesota