Coming and Going at the U of MN

After one semester, two holidays, a wedding, and a reunion of our student leaders, somehow we find ourselves at the beginning of the spring semester at the University of Minnesota. Students have returned to campus, and now the first week of classes has come and gone. Missionaries have returned to Households and are praying and planning while reconnecting with students. 

Before we left for break, our Chapter had time to reflect on the semester and what God had been doing in and through us. It was clear that the Lord had been active in our individual spiritual lives, and at the same time, drawing us together in authentic, selfless relationships with one another. We were also able to see the Lord’s work as we began inviting students to apply for both next year’s Households and Mission Leader positions. As many students applied for these opportunities, it became clear that Christ had called them into relationship and built up a zeal for Christian living. 

After Christmas, one of our U of M Missionaries was married! Michele Kaiser became Michele Smith at a beautiful wedding in Wisconsin. Many SPO students, Missionaries, and alumni were present to celebrate Michele and Tony entering into the Sacrament of Marriage. This exemplified how the spiritual family formed in an SPO Chapter goes well beyond the campus. 

On Martin Luther King Day, SPO and the Newman Center students came together for a Leadership Day just before class started. This was a day for both students who are already leaders, as well as newer students interested in joining leadership. We worshipped in Adoration together, heard talks, played games, and celebrated Mass together. Students were able to discuss and brainstorm how the local Church at the University of Minnesota could enter more fully into the four marks of the Church - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. We are looking forward to seeing where this will take us in the semester ahead. 

Please pray for our upcoming Fan into Flame Retreat on February 27 - March 1!