Introducing: Tommie Catholic

By Jayme Jones, Junior at the University of St. Thomas

Something happened here at the University of St. Thomas…something epic.

Last Tuesday, September 15th, marked the start of a little thing we like to call “Tommie Catholic.” Well, maybe not little. In fact, it was actually quite a big thing. With just under 200 students in attendance, Tommie Catholic started out with a bang. Clearly people were excited about this from the get-go. And why wouldn’t they be? Tommie Catholic is unlike anything we’ve seen before here at St. Thomas. It’s a catalyst for unity among Catholics, and even among Christians, across our campus.

The night consisted of a talk from an SPO mission leader, Amy Johnson, who talked about how we are all part of these micro groups but we are also called to be part of something bigger—something like Tommie Catholic. Fr. Rutten of Campus Ministry finished off the night describing the vision of Tommie Catholic. You could see this vision of unity come to life even after Tommie Catholic had technically ended, when a good majority of people stayed after to talk and hangout.

The Lord has great plans for St. Thomas this year, especially by working through Tommie Catholic. 


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