What are we doing here?

What is mission? Why are we here? Why do a group of recent grads turn over their lives and leave their homes to spend all of their time wandering around college campuses and talking to 18 year olds and?

Why do we give so much effort to something that at time seems so futile?

These are questions every missionary asks themselves again and again. And these are the questions that often weigh on us when there seems to be no forward motion to the mission.

What is the cause of our desire to put ourselves into situations where rejection is a high and very real possibility over and over?

These questions are only answered with the Divine Indwelling. In the presence of the Trinity in our own hearts. Last Thursday, Joe Masek (Chapter Leader at the University of St. Thomas) spoke about Divine Indwelling, and how this makes us into mature disciples of the Lord.

Living a life of full-time mission catapults you into a world where you rely on knowing that God is close at all times. Your days are taken up by other people lives, and you enter into their stories and their struggles in very real ways. If you are to retain hope and love for those around you, you must become dependent on God’s love to sustain you.

In a special and particular way, mission leads  you into a new awareness of Divine Indwelling in your own heart. Your relationship with God becomes others-focused. The children of your intimate union with God is seeing the way students that you walk with respond to His love.

On the night Joe gave his talk, a student approached me and asked if I would pray with her though some things she was experiencing in her own walk with God. In a privileged moment, I got a glimpse into her soul, to see how the Lord was calling her onto a greater love than she had ever experienced before. I got to see her respond with a yes to receiving that same Divine Indwelling.

This is the cause of missionary hearts. The same Lord that is alive in us becomes alive in others, and we get a front row seat to witness to his power and love.