A Poem About Alpha

Students gather at the St. Lawrence Newman Center for the Alpha Course

A plethora of young faces
I could not recognize
No one wearing emotional disguise
Smiling in a church, holiest of places

Conversation sprouting in close spaces
Talking about how Jesus lives in their lives
And God’s love is the grandest of prize
While weaving through the crowds in careful paces

I hear the polite conversation
Over the prepared food
And the clear lemonade that was poured

And the testimonies of another’s conversion
Everyone in a cheerful mood
Discussing how Jesus is Lord 

by Marissa Meagher, student at the University of Minnesota

Small Groups at Alpha

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone is an English major... so to put it in words that are not written in forced rhyme, I will say that the Alpha course was, and is (as it is occurring at present) amazing. We are in the middle of the course, and I am still meeting new people and seeing new faces.

Alpha is designed to bring people together and talk about the basic truths of our religion that we don’t necessarily think about all the time. The first night at the U of M we had over 100 students come and enjoy a meal together, watch a video, and discuss the segment in small groups. We are in the middle of the course now, and it's still going strong. There are not as many students as opening night, but every week when asked, "Who is here for the first time?," students still raise their hands.