June 9: Gordy DeMarais & SPO Missionaries

Gordy has been involved in youth and young adult ministry since his own young adult years. Together with several other zealous university students, he founded Saint Paul’s Outreach on the campus of the University of Saint Thomas in the early 1980s. Gordy continues to be actively involved with the teaching, formation, and evangelization of university students and young adults in the Twin Cities area and around the country. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Theology from The Saint Paul Seminary and is a regular instructor in the Diaconate Formation Program for the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Gordy is a leader in the Community of Christ the Redeemer, an association of lay faithful in the Archdiocese, and is also a member of the NET Ministries Board of Directors. Gordy has received the following awards for his work in evangelization- “Catholic Man of the Year”from Catholic Defense League, “Distinguished Alumnus”from Net Ministries, and “Distinguished Alumnus" from the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity. 

Click below to listen to Gordy's talk from Men on a Mission

May 12 - Luke Spehar: Living the Dream

Luke Spehar is a Catholic recording artist and international speaker. Born and Raised in Minnesota, Luke began writing songs at the age of 16. He composed all of the music on his debut album, Be still (2010), before he graduated high school. He continued to write music throughout his four years at the University of St. Thomas where he studied Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. Luke also used this time to discern the possible call to the Catholic Priesthood in St. John Vianney College Seminary. The songs from his second album, No Other Way (2011), were born during this powerful time of growth and reflection.

Following seminary, Luke felt inspired to use his gift of music to participate in the New Evangelization. He began recording and then performing around the country and internationally. Luke’s third album, All Is Gift was Co-Produced by Grammy-winner, Ben Harper in 2015.  Since then, he has performed for hundreds of audiences of all ages. Luke’s most memorable performances include performing for Navel Special Warfare retreats and memorials, opening for Ben Harper on tour in both the U.S. and Canada and playing at the canonization celebration for Pope John Paul II in Washington DC.

In January 2015, Luke married his wife, Elizabeth. The Spehar family grew in October of 2015 with the arrival of their first child, Jane. Together they live in St. Paul, MN.

February 10 - Nathan Metzinger: The Real High Fidelity

Where is your fidelity in life? As men formed by Christ we must choose every day how to respond to His call upon our hearts.  Does your life reflect a man on mission for your faith and family? 

Nathan graduated from Texas A&M before he moved to the Twin Cities where he served with NET Ministries and then as the Executive Director of Twin Cities TEC (“Teens Encounter Christ”). Nathan obtained his Masters in Catholic Studies from the University of Saint Thomas. In 2004 Nathan left missionary work to pursue a career in Human Resources with a particular emphasis on recruiting, training and organizational development. In this capacity he worked for Boston Scientific, Target Corporation and Entrust Datacard. This month, Nathan made a change back into the mission field with Saint Paul’s Outreach as its new Chief Mission Officer, responsible for all mission programs and operations.

Join us as Nathan speaks with us men gathered for wisdom, prayer, and fellowship. This is a great opportunity for us as Men on a Mission to grow in our Faith and relationships in the Lord as well as to learn how to better be a witness to our faith in the world. Invite and bring a friend.

October 14: What Does the Catholic Church Teach about Teaching?

We are honored to have one of the most respected G.K. Chesterton scholars in the world, Dale Ahlquist, President of the American Chesterton Society, and publisher of the its flagship publication, GILBERT speak to us this month at Men On A Mission.  Dale is the Co-Founder of Chesterton Academy, as well as the creator and host of the popular EWTN series The Apostles of Common Sense and the author of four books.

Join us as Dale speaks with us and as we men gather for wisdom, prayer, and fellowship. This is a great opportunity for us as Men on a Mission to grow in our Faith and relationships in the Lord.

September 9: A New Season of Grace at the University of Minnesota

God's grace has been moving mightily at the University of Minnesota over these past couple of years. Catholic Students United is a truly collaborative evangelistic outreach within which the Catholic Newman Center at St. Lawrence Church and Saint Paul's Outreach serve together to advance the Gospel on campus.

Br. Ken Apuzzo, Director of Campus Ministry at the U of MN will share with us this month about the many great things that are happening. Br. Ken has not only served in campus ministry for the past 35 years but he is also currently the General Superior of the Brotherhood of Hope, as well as serving with Saint Paul's Outreach. If that is not enough, Br. Ken was one of the key people responsible for the vision and program of the School of the New Evangelization last month, where more than 400 students gathered for training.

Join us as Br. Ken speaks with us and as we men gather to pray for the young men and women as they begin a new year on campus. We are called to stand in the breach and pray God's blessing upon these, our younger brothers and sister in the Lord.

August 12: School of the New Evangelization

450 college students, campus ministers, and SPO Missionaries are gathering at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul for the 2016 School of the New Evangelization. This is a week-long experience of training and community for students attending SPO Chapters, with a focus on preparing young men and women to bring the Gospel to their peers on campus as the new academic year approaches.

Join us at this month's Men on a Mission, where we will have an opportunity to hear from some of the students and Missionaries who are participating in SNE. This is also a time for us men to gather and stand together and pray for these young men and women as they go forth to proclaim the Gospel. 

June 10: Serving the Poorest of the Poor

During this Year of Mercy, twelve SPO Missionaries traveled to Calcutta with Brothers from the Brotherhood of Hope to serve the poorest of the poor alongside of the Missionaries of Charity, the order founded by Mother Teresa.

This coming Men on a Mission, we will have the unique opportunity to hear from a number of these Missionaries, who will share with us their experiences, as well as provide reflections on how we as men of God can take steps to serve the poor in our own areas.

May 13: Allowing the Holy Spirit to Empower Our Daily Living

"The [Holy Spirit] changes those in whom he comes to dwell; he so transforms them that they begin to live a completely new kind of life. Saul was told by the prophet Samuel: 'The Spirit of the Lord will take possession of you, and you shall be changed into another man.'" 
                 -St. Cyril of Alexandria

This month, we're going to take time to focus specifically on the third Person of the Trinity: The Holy Spirit. How can we as men, fathers, brothers, sons, and Catholic leaders best dispose ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to practically empower us in our daily lives? As Mark Archibald wrote recently in a blog post about the Holy Spirit, it is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to love, equipping us for the great mission of evangelization. So let's get to work!

April 8: "Running the Race" is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

This month, SPO's own Greg Schiffer will be joining us to discuss the challenges and rewards associated with following the Lord as a Christian, a husband, a father, and a business professional throughout the decades of our lives. Greg has been a leading SPO executive since November, and has a wealth of experience in a variety of different work environments. We look forward to hearing his insights next week!

Greg lives in West Saint Paul, and is married with six children and four grandchildren. He spent 21 years working in finance for Fortune 500 companies across three different industries, and then he transitioned to the small business marketplace for fifteen years. Greg has created several companies and provided consulting serves to the small business entrepreneur. As a young adult, he worked full time in campus ministry at the universities of Saint Thomas and Minnesota. He joined SPO as a part time consultant in 2013, and in November of 2015 Greg was invited to expand his role in a full time capacity as its Chief Financial Officer.