Wednesday, July 27 - thursday, August 4, 2016*

  • Where: NET Center, West St. Paul, MN
  • Who: All SPO Mission Leaders, Mission Directors, various missionary staff, and some key students.
  • When: Arrive by 3:00pm on July 27th. Depart (to UST for SNE) on August 4th. You will depart for your Chapter on August 14th.
  • Airport: Minneapolis - St. Paul International (MSP)

*Dates to Note

  • Mission Director Training (invitation only) = July 24th - 27th
  • Musician Training (invitation only) = July 24th - 27th
  • Day Off = Thursday, August 4th (after move to UST)
  • SNE Prep = Friday, August 5th
  • SNE = Saturday, August 6th - Saturday, August 13th
  • SPO Staff Picnic = Saturday, August 13th
  • Depart for Chapters = Sunday, August 14th

Vision and Purpose

If Mission Leader Training (MLT) provided the "why" of what you do as missionaries, then Mission Team Training (MTT) is the "what and how." For these 9 days, you'll be learning and processing everything in the context of your Campus Team. As a set-aside time for all missionary staff to be together, there will be many opportunities for prayer, community building, and fellowship. 



Registration (July 8th)

If you plan to attend any of these trainings, you MUST register by Friday, July 8th. If you fail to register yet plan to attend, WE WILL CHARGE YOU THE COST OF YOUR MEALS. Your Airport Ride Request is separate; this registration simply will ensure your spot (bed, food, materials, etc.).

For those who attended MLT in June or MSR in January, we'll just need the basics. NOTE: the emergency contact and insurance information you listed for MLT will be used again. Please update this info if something's changed. 

For any new attendees, we'll need your basic info, emergency contact, and insurance information.

Travel Information

All travel allowances are to cover travel costs from your home location and to your Chapter.

  • Mission Director/Musician Training
    • Arrival time: between 11:00am - 3:00pm on Sunday, July 24th
  • Mission Team Training
    • Arrival time: between 11:00am - 3:00pm on Wednesday, July 27th
  • Departure time for all staff: by 4:00pm, Sunday, August 14th

Reimbursement for FLIGHTS: In order to maintain better oversight of travel allowances, you will pay for your own flights and submit reimbursements for a pre-determined amount. Do NOT use your SPO Credit Card for these flight purchases. Allowance for flights (includes airfare, luggage, and meals):

  • Roundtrip: $400*

  • One Way: $200*

    • *To/From New Jersey (area): $450 roundtrip, $225 one-way

Costs for drivers: You may use your SPO Credit Card for gas and food purchases while driving (if applicable). Staff who don't hold SPO Credit Cards must submit a reimbursement for driving expenses. Allowance for driving (includes gas and meals):

  • Roundtrip: $125

  • One Way: $65

Booking flights: When booking airfare, we expect all staff to select the most cost-effective flight options. Note: Southwest Airlines flies in/out of MSP. Please search these flights too!

If your home location is in the Twin Cities area, you do not receive a travel allowance.

Unique travel scenarios: contact Lori ( if you have a unique travel scenario.

In order to secure the best rates on travel costs, please book your airfare ASAP!

Airport Ride Request (July 20th)

Booked your flight? If you need a ride from and to the airport, you MUST complete this airport ride request by Wednesday, July 20th. Give us your flight info (airline, flight numbers, arrival time, etc.), and we'll set you up with a ride.

This request guarantees your ride!

Note: rides on July 24th and 27th begin at 11am; you must arrive by 3:00pm. Rides on August 16th end by 4:00pm. These will be coordinated by the SNE Transportation crew.



*Once you arrive to MTT on July 27th (or earlier for other trainings), you will not return home following SNE. Plan to bring the items you will need to serve for the year (car, clothes, books, etc.). We offer on-site storage during MTT and SNE (indicate on registration).*

MTT is a time of team cultivation, as well as a place to connect with other MLs, pray, and experience SPO's unique fellowship. Expect great things, as well as these specifics:

  • Fellowship with other MLs and missionary staff
  • Activities and events (out of the NET Center)
  • Targeted classes/seminars
  • Interactive training sessions
  • Daily recreation (frisbee, volleyball, basketball, etc.)
  • Personal prayer time
  • Corporate prayer and worship
  • Confession and daily Mass
  • Team cultivation and planning

Things to Bring

Apart from the necessities, plan to bring:

  • No need to bring sleeping bags! The NET Center will provide basic bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow). 
  • Comfy clothes (casual gear is acceptable; building temp is kept cool)
  • Dress clothes (for Sunday Mass and SNE)
  • Exercise clothes/shoes (recreation and outdoor fellowship)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Prayer materials: Bible, journal, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary, etc.
  • SPO folder for any additional documents
  • Snacks are provided, but feel free to bring your own.
  • Anything you'll need for your year of service!


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1) Why do I need to register?
Registration lets us know you’re attending and how much food and materials to prepare. If you don’t register, we can’t guarantee you a bed to sleep in or food to eat.

2) What happens if I don't register?
If you don’t register by July 8th and are attending training, you will be charged the total cost of your meals.

3) What happens if somethings changes after I register (travel, emergency contact, develop a food allergy, etc.)?
Let Lori know right away.

4) Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?
No! The NET Center will provide basic bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow). No need to pack a sleeping bag.

5) Does SPO pay for my checked baggage?
We do, as long as the cost is within your travel allowance. Use your SPO credit card for checked-bag fees, or submit a reimbursement request with your receipt.