Want to Apply?

Great! Thanks for considering Saint Paul's Outreach. Your application not only allows us to get to know you better, but also gives you a better sense of the required abilities and preferred skills of an SPO Missionary. Please take a moment to review this page, as you'll find important information about the Application process.


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Timeline for Applicants

Keep in Mind

As you begin the Application, keep in mind that it will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. We're looking for candor in our candidates, so please be as honest as possible. Our Mission and Values are reflected in many questions. Familiarizing yourself with the SPO Culture will be most helpful.

Save and Continue

It is best to complete the application in one sitting. Our application has a save feature, allowing you to continue at a later time. The application can be saved and continued later if you use the link emailed to you upon starting the application, however, to you use this feature you must use the same computer and internet browser when you complete it at a later time.

Our application has a save feature, allowing you to continue at a later time. If something comes up and causes you to stop your application, your information WILL be stored. You'll notice an email from Jotform once you begin - included in this email is a link to your application. Use this link to finish up if you need to save and continue later.

ADMINISTRATIVE Missionary Interest

If you're interested in serving as an Administrative Missionary, please complete the Additional Application. As stated on the Application, completing this section does not exclude you from consideration of the traditional campus Missionary position. It simply offers you the opportunity to express additional gifts and abilities. Please let us know if you have any questions: recruiting@spo.org.



In order to make the best hiring decisions, we want to hear from others who have first-hand experience leading, teaching, guiding, and supervising our candidates. You'll need to contact your references to have them complete a reference form. He/she will be able to simply click on the form and submit their evaluation. Do not ask any SPO employee to be a reference. For more information and an email template, visit Missionary References.

NOTE: it is the applicant's responsibility to move this process along. Your completed reference forms are a key piece in the decision-making process.

What's Next?

After you submit your written application (including professional resume and references) and video application, an SPO staff member will review your materials and contact you. During this time you will be able to ask any questions you may have. Following your final interview, a decision from SPO will be communicated within three weeks. If you have any questions about the application process or the position, please contact us at recruiting@spo.org.