Missionary Training

Registration Deadline: May 10th


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Missionary Training (MT) Details

Travel Information

Flight Arrival/Departure Times

  • Please read the travel memo (below) for information on reimbursement policies. Contact Lenore Popp or Brenten McCulloch if you have a unique travel scenario or questions.

  • If you need a ride from and to the airport, you MUST complete this airport ride request by May 10th. Give us your flight info (airline, flight numbers, arrival time, etc.), and we'll set you up with a ride.

  • Missionary Training begins at 4:30pm on May 28th at the NET Center in West St. Paul, MN. Arrival flights need to arrive before 3:30pm to allow for travel time.

  • Missionary Training officially ends on July 3rd. Flights should depart no earlier than 1:00pm.

  • Note: The first musicians training session begins at 2:30pm on Tuesday, May 28th at the NET Center. If you plan to attend, please have your flights arrive no later than 1:30pm to allow for travel time.

Packing list

Along with necessities, plan to bring:

  • Twin-sized bed sheets (top and bottom) & pillowcase

  • Towel

  • Modest swimwear (and beach towel)

  • Smart casual clothes for training (jeans and SPO t-shirts okay)

  • Exercise clothes/shoes (recreation and outdoor fellowship)

  • A dark crewneck shirt

  • Toiletries

  • Water bottle

  • Bible & breviary (if you have one)

  • New Hires: A paper copy of your passport for SPO to keep on file OR two forms of government identification (usually driver’s license and birth certificate, but there are many forms)

  • New Hires: Any HR forms that still need to be returned, including a voided check

Note that Minnesota weather varies drastically in late May through early July. Plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Mission Partner Development Bootcamp

Are you a new Mission that still needs to sign up for Mission Partner Development Bootcamp? Click the link on your right to get all the information you need to prepare.