Returning Staff

New Mission Leaders

1. Register for Mission Leader Training (MLT)
2. Submit Airport Ride Request

1. Register for MPD Boot Camp
2. Register for Mission Leader Training (MLT)
3. Submit Airport Ride Request

MPD Boot Camp



Spiritually Healthy. Vision Driven. Fully Funded.

At boot camp, the main areas of focus for new Mission Leaders is Missionary Partner Development (MPD). If you come to boot camp having done your MPD homework (see MPD Prep page), you'll be ready to hit the ground running. Please note that your main focus (and full-time job) during the summer is MPD.

Who: All new Mission Leaders *Note: if you attended the boot camp in April, you do not need to attend this boot camp.
Where: NET Center, West St. Paul, MN (fly to Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport).
When: Tuesday, May 30th - Friday, June 2nd, 2017.  Arrive by 4:00pm on May 30th.
Why: Review the MPD Prep page!
Note: Be sure to register to MLT in addition to boot camp. These two training have separate registration forms. 

Mission Director Training (MDT)
and Musicians Training

Who: Mission Directors and select Missionaries and students (invitation only)
Where: NET Center, West St. Paul, MN
When: Tuesday, May 30th - Friday, June 2nd, 2017. Arrive by 4:00pm on May 30th.
Registration: You will register for MDT or Musicians Training through the MLT registration form.

Mission Leader Training


Who: All SPO Mission Leaders and various missionary staff
Where: NET Center, West St. Paul, MN
When: Friday, June 2nd - Friday, June 9th 2017. Arrive by 4:00pm on June 2nd. Depart after 2:00pm on June 9th.
Registration: Register by Friday, May 12th. You will be charged for the cost of your meals if you register late or fail to register.

Airport ride requests are separate from registration. 



The goal of our June Mission Leader Training is three-fold: on-boarding new Mission Leaders, Missionary Partner Development (MPD) training, and finalizing campus placement teams. For those of you serving as Mission Leaders for the first time, this training is invaluable to your success in the field and in our organization. For those of you returning to service as Mission Leaders, you'll find that the camaraderie is rich and the continued training keeps you fresh on the new developments within SPO. This year, training will feature split session for returners and new Mission Leaders, as well as combined sessions. With a focus on prayer and fellowship, Mission Leader Training is a singularly unique experience of Saint Paul's Outreach. 


Read the travel memo (below) for details on:

  • Driving reimbursements
  • Flying reimbursements
  • Arrival times
  • Departure times


Booked your flight? If you need a ride from and to the airport, you MUST complete this airport ride request by Saturday, May 20th. Give us your flight info (airline, flight numbers, arrival time, etc.), and we'll set you up with a ride.

Note: rides on May 30th and June 2nd begin at 11:00am and go through 3:30pm. Rides on June 9th begin at 2:30pm and go through 6:30pm. Please book flights accordingly.

This request guarantees you a ride!


Mission Leader Training is a time for just that: training. You will, however, have plenty of time to connect with other Mission Leaders, pray, and experience SPO's unique fellowship. Expect great things, as well as these specifics:

  • Fellowship with other Mission Leaders and missionary staff
  • Activities and events
  • Targeted classes/seminars
  • Interactive training sessions
  • Recreation (frisbee, volleyball, basketball, etc.)
  • Personal prayer time
  • Corporate prayer and worship
  • Confession and daily Mass
  • Team placement assignments


Things to Bring

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1) Why do I need to register?
Registration lets us know you’re attending and how much food and materials to prepare. If you don’t register, we can’t guarantee you a bed to sleep in or food to eat.

2) What happens if I don't register?
If you don’t register by May 12th and are attending training, you will be charged the total cost of your meals.

3) What happens if somethings changes after I register (travel, emergency contact, develop a food allergy, etc.)?
Let Brenten know right away.

4) Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?
No! The NET Center will provide basic bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow). No need to pack a sleeping bag.

5) Does SPO pay for my checked baggage?
We cover the cost of your travel, including luggage fees, up to the your applicable travel allowance (refer to travel memo). Baggage fees should be submitted for reimbursement as well.

Apart from the necessities, plan to bring:

  • The NET Center provides basic bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow). No need to bring sleeping bags!
  • Smart casual clothes for training (jeans and SPO t-shirts okay); building temperature is kept cool.
  • Dress clothes for Sunday Mass
  • Exercise clothes/shoes (recreation and outdoor fellowship)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Prayer materials: Bible, journal, Rosary, etc.
  • Snacks are provided, but feel free to bring your own.