Welcome to the team.

Here you will find the resources needed to prepare you for Missionary Training (MT) with a particular emphasis on your first season of support raising. Before you begin anything, attend our New Missionary Webinar on April 15th 2019 at 12 pm (CST). This orientation and training will last for approximately 45 minutes and will be recorded. You must create an account and download the Zoom software to gain access to the webinar. Once you’ve watched the training, see right, register for MT and begin your prep-work.

The link for MT is now live, see right; please register by May 10th. If you have any questions regarding MT please contact Lenore Popp at lenore.popp@spo.org.

Complete the four following items by May 25th 2019. Estimated time allowance 50 hours.

  1. Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp Prepwork

  2. Personalize the following resources and upload to your MPD Folder in Google Drive

    • Summer Newsletter

      • Template (note: this is a Canva resource)

      • You may create your own, please follow the appropriate branding guidelines. 1 page maximum, full color, high quality.

    • Proposed Budget (updated 06/27)

      • Fill out the the best of your ability, this will be reviewed by your MPD coach.

    • Levels of Giving Chart

      • Insert your tentative Vision Driven Goal and adjust amounts/people as necessary.

  3. 150-Strong Name-storming List

    Must include Name, City, State, Relationship and Phone Number/Email Address.

    Use the following template, and send your Excel file to gifts@spo.org and CC: mpd@spo.org.

    • Please Save As: donorprospectsubmission_LASTNAMEFIRSTNAME

  4. Online Training Module for MPD