Why No President Will Ever Be Good Enough

by Sarah Hebel

Election season. Some people love it. Not me. It's not that I don't care - Actually, I care too much. Every time the elections roll around, I hope for the perfect candidate to rise up who meets all my lofty standards. However, I am left disappointed and faced with a compromise that I quite simply don't want to make. 

Why am I Disappointed?

Like so many others, I just want to get behind someone whom I can follow, someone we can cheer on as he or she sweeps in to save the day. But why do I care so much about having a perfect leader? And why does it always seem that no matter how much I rally behind someone during the election season, I am left disenchanted and often disappointed by the end of the four-year term?

Perhaps the reason we all experience these thoughts and desires is because, in some way or another, we are holding out for a hero. Whether this manifests itself in the political realm or elsewhere, deep down, embedded in our DNA, we are wired to be led by the perfect leader: someone we can confidently follow without fear of betrayal or abandonment - who understands us and can advocate for our needs.

The Leader We Desire

The reality is, leaders in this world are broken, flawed, imperfect, biased human beings who will eventually fail our expectations. Not because they are bad, but simply because they are human. So, as much as we want to place our hope in them, they will ultimately always fall short.

Knowing this, God the Father, knowing our need for a leader who could sympathize with our humanity "gave His one and only Son...not so as to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him" (John 3:16-17). Jesus is the hero we've been holding out for. Just as we need a leader who can, with wisdom, experience, and sincerity, guide and direct our country, we also need a leader who, with the same qualifications and our best interest in mind, can guide and direct our personal lives.

This leader is Jesus. 

Here's the bottom line. Don't hide in a hole this election season. Research the candidates, engage in conversation, and take an informed decision to the polls. Most importantly, however, don't place your hope in the politicians.

As you experience the desire for perfect leadership, allow your hearts to be drawn to Jesus, and be at peace, because it doesn't end with the election of a worldly leader. No matter what happens in our government, letting God lead us in our personal lives will change us, which will change the lives of those around us, which has potential to change the very fabric of our society.

Will you elect Him to lead?