The Only Opinion That Matters

by Katy Scuderi

They are everywhere. We cannot escape them. Opinions.

 On billboards, in our classrooms, on our newsfeed, on the news, among our friends. Everyone has an opinion about everything.

It’s really easy to allow ourselves to become swayed on particular issues or topics because people share their viewpoints. Sometimes, opinions are so popular or ideas have a majority vote, that we can view them as truth even though it's based off an opinion.

We can even see ourselves this way. We place our identity in either what we see of ourselves or what others perceive of us. That is one slippery slope to walk down.  Fortunately, our identity isn't rooted in something that can be changed or altered.

1. Your identity does not lie in other people’s opinion.

We all want to be liked. I’m a huge people pleaser and have found it super easy to begin to view myself in the scope of what others say and think. It is so easy to become obsessed with the attention we receive from our Instagram pictures and killa tweets or compare ourselves to others. Even when we’re in a new environment surrounded by all new people, it can be easy to shift from who we truly are to please the particular group we’re with to fit in.  When we become a chameleon to the different people we’re around, we inevitably lose sight of who we actually are. Our world is full of people all trying to fit into the same mold and I don’t know aboutchu, but I’m pretty tired of that. So, as a wise man once said, be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios.


2. Your identity does not lie in your opinion.

There’s the temptation to begin to see ourselves through the lens of what we do. Since our world operates off the belief that who we are lies in what we do, it’s easy to believe that if we fail, we’re a failure and if we succeed, we’re a success. If that’s true, than I’m screwed. Let’s be real. Life is messy. We all do stupid things. We all experience our fair share of mistakes, letdowns and disappointments. On the flip side, we’ve experienced the good stuff, too: accomplishments, recognition, success and joy.

We have to stop looking at the DO and starting looking at the WHO. The unique and irreplaceable truth of who you are far trumps the wavering and sometimes unpredictable things we do.

3. Your identity DOES lie in the Big Man’s opinion.

Here’s the thing, despite all of life’s ups and downs, the approval or disapproval of others, the wounds and brokenness of the past, the circumstances of the present; we were created from a place of unconditional love. God has created each of us with a unique purpose and calling but our fundamental identity lies in the love in which He created us. Life is unpredictable and messy: people will bring us up and try to tear us down, we’ll ace a test and flunk a quiz. The only constant is God, who will always love us because of who we are: His children. If we keep our hearts rooted in the truth that we were created by a love that will never waiver, we find the deepest truth of who we are.  

Bottom line: Successes and messes don’t define you. Instead of looking around to figure out who you are, look up.