Get to Know SPO in 90 Seconds

Did you know that two-thirds of Catholics will walk away from the Church by the time they finish college? Campuses have become battlegrounds for the minds and hearts of young people. Yet students are making huge decisions during that time that will impact the rest of their lives.

College students who want to live their faith might spend one hour a week at Mass, maybe another hour participating in a campus ministry program. But is it enough? What about the other 166 hours in the week? 

That’s where Saint Paul’s Outreach comes in. SPO builds faith-filled communities of students right in the heart of college campuses. We train recent college graduates in the art of evangelization, and send them onto campus to build environments where faith can come to life. We’re not satisfied with two hours a week, so our Missionaries live in Households with students, helping them to integrate their faith into everything they do: studying, eating meals, playing sports, hanging out on the weekend… 

Living everyday life with students allows us to move them beyond the basics to true Christian maturity: a maturity that empowers them over the course of a lifetime to joyfully live and boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Catholic faith alive on campus - that’s who we are.