80 Pounds of Steak Draws Large Crowd For Texas Men's Outreach

by Ben Stefonowicz

When I think back on my college experience, there was one thing more than anything else that could get me to go to an event: free food. This was especially true at the beginning of the school year when I felt like I never needed to pay for a meal ever. Being a poor college student, anything free always always appealed to me, but if it was free steak, it was a game changer! A food that I deemed too expensive to buy myself was being offered for free? Sign me up!

I kept this knowledge in my back pocket as SPO kicked off this year's Barbasol Men’s Nights at Texas State University. We bought 80 pounds of steak and invited as many guys as we could.  Armed with free steak, free Barbasol samples, and free t-shirts, we had the makings of a sure-fire success. Approximately 60 students came through and got their fill of steak, cooked to perfection, and stayed to enjoy a night filled with conversation, brotherhood, and a bonfire.

This seemingly casual night, however, was an intentional and great step, allowing men at Texas State to encounter something different. While they may not recognize it right away, there is something about true community and brotherhood that can be felt, compelling both curiosity and joy.  It’s a first step in getting men to embrace the greater call in their life to be real men of God.

The best part about offering something as simple as steak and Barbasol shaving cream is that it may have the impact of bringing someone into brotherhood who otherwise wouldn't have experienced it; and being able to connect at the beginning of the year is an amazing gift. The combination of free food and goodies provided by Barbasol with true communal brotherhood from the men in SPO provides a perfect one-two punch to bring guys in and form lasting and meaningful relationships. And that’s good, because we’re just getting ready to embrace the punches with Barbasol Boxing Night right around the corner.