"Do I Have What it Takes?" Barbasol Men's Retreat

"Do I have what it takes?"

John Eldridge, author of the book Wild at Heart, says this is the question that haunts every man. It strikes at the core of his identity as a son of God. 

At the Catholic Student Union at Florida State, we want men to know that they do have what it takes. This is possible by knowing that we are beloved sons of God, and then living a life that reflects it.  The motto for our men's group this year is, "Becoming the Complete Christian Man." It is a lifelong process, but we believe that we know the way (John 14:6).

Barbasol Men's Nights have helped us bring guys in and build them up into mature men who are then ready to be leaders in their community. Our events ranged from powerful talks and prayer to climbing rock walls - all of which build bonds of authentic brotherhood. The Barbasol Men's Retreat, which used Wild at Heart as an inspiration, was the culmination and highlight of what has been a great semester. 

We went away for a day, camping at a beautiful pecan farm, complete with plenty of space, trees, and a few lakes. The focus of the weekend was to recapturing our identity as men and gaining a vision of what the life of a Christian man should look like. 

Mike Hyatt, a 2nd year Mission Leader said, "It's living with a reckless abandon for the Lord. Everything we have - our mind, strength, and will - can be given back to God." There were a number of great discussions as well as quality time to build brotherhood (i.e., building bonfires, trap shooting, and playing sports.) The cherry on top was handing out free Barbasol shaving cream at the end of the weekend!

Read how students felt the the Lord impact their lives over just a weekend:

"This weekend gave me more encouragement. Seeing so many of my brothers pushing themselves to grow in their faith encourages me to grow in mine." - JR
"What I got out of this weekend is to be more confident and to not be afraid to look dumb [because I pray with other people and talk about God] discussing the bigger issues of life."
- David
"I learned how to be closer to God - how to battle evil in our day-to-day lives [and gain more of an understanding on] being adventurous and getting out of my comfort zone."
- anonymous