Texas Men's and Women's Night with Barbasol and Pure Silk


"This year has gotten off to a great start. Here in Texas, we have not one but two weeks of Welcome Week and were fortunate enough to host Barbasol and Pure Silk Men's and Women's Nights to build relationships with new students in fun ways.

The men played Extreme Dodgeball, including exciting versions of dodgeball such as three-legged, one-legged, and shaving cream dodgeball. Afterwards, they headed back to the men's house for an oven full of wings and enjoyed the warm evening on the deck watching the football game. There was such good camaraderie that there was a group of guys hanging out until 2 in the morning having intentional conversations about the Lord.

The women enjoyed a fabulous evening at the women's house hosting a Coffeehouse. The large group of women reached some great discussions on "Who Are We?", the night's theme and content of discussion. The women talked about their identity as daughters of God which spurned good relationships and conversations. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other cozy beverages and snacks contributed to the snug and homey atmosphere. 


The community as a whole is very excited to keep growing these Men's and Women's Nights to see what the Lord has in store."


nothing stands between

a girl and her coffee (and Jesus, right?)


"if you can dodge a wrench...

you can dodge a ball."