Barbasol Shaving Cream Shows Men How Real Masculinity Exists

“How good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together as one!” (Psalms 33:1)


Through the generosity of Barbasol, a group of men watched an ordinary parking lot transform into a place to host a band of brotherhood. This transformation began with a time of fellowship, sharing conversation while throwing a frisbee and eating grilled burgers.  As the evening progressed, the main event went underway. This event was a truck push, where teams of three to four men positioned themselves together behind a truck and raced to see who could push it fastest through a specified distance. This challenge required the men to work together, helping them realize that they can utilize one another’s strength to bring their respective teams to victory.

As the completion came into full swing, bonds of brotherhood formed and strengthened. Brothers lifted one another up and honored each other’s teams when they did well. It was a blessing to see that many men who attended this event were meeting one another for the first time.  Many of these men engaged in brotherhood with each other for the first time during this men’s night that may not have otherwise. During this men’s night there was an atmosphere of joy and celebration over the gift of masculinity. These men engaged in a childlike joy of having the pleasure to do something as outlandish as pushing a truck, and the joy that comes from sharing in community.

One of the main purposes of having this Barbasol Men’s Night was to show Ohio Dominican University students that a life of genuine masculinity does in fact exist on their campus. This was exemplified by Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO) missionary, Guy Davis’, exhortation on the question of “who do you want to be?”. Guy spoke about how college is a pivotal time in a man’s life; the habits a man forms during college can affect him for the entirety of his life. With that, he spoke about the strength of being with a community that will grow closer to Christ as it grows closer together. Following this exhortation, Guy invited all who attended the Barbasol Men’s Night to consider joining a SPO Men’s group. He explained that these groups are a group of men striving for a virtuous life with one another. The Men’s Groups will share in the fun and joy of life together. They will also hold each other accountable for their goals, and ultimately strive to become genuine and loving men who reflect Christ.


By the time the sun had set, our time together as competitors in the truck push had run out, although our time as brothers was just beginning. This Men’s Night created a starting point for SPO’s evangelical mission; uniting Ohio Dominican’s campus deeper with the Body of Christ. The truck push put the men of Ohio Dominican behind a common goal. This movement toward a common goal represents the community being created at Ohio Dominican. This community is a group of men standing side by side, pushing together though the battlefields of life.  

-Adam Von Der Embse, sophomore, Ohio Dominican University