Escaping to the Rafts with Barbasol

by Thomas Castelluccio

Through the generosity of Barbasol, the Saint Paul’s Outreach community at Ohio Dominican University was able to grow abundantly this year. This past year, SPO hosted two Men’s Days at Ohio Dominican University.

For the first Men’s Day, thanks to Barbasol’s generosity, we were able to purchase two quality inflatable rafts. We rafted down a creek that runs right behind Ohio Dominican University. After three hours of passage through the marvelous yellow, orange, and red leaves of October, we disembarked at a local park, grilled steaks for dinner, and played pickup tackle football.

In May, we hosted our second Men’s Day. We purchased an ample amount of pizzas to feed the men as one of the students shared a message of teamwork, what it means to be a man of God, and how Christ is what holds us all together. After eating, we ventured downtown to an escape room. We were able to practice what we just heard of teamwork as we put our minds together to successfully solve puzzles. The men had a spectacular time and brotherhood was strengthened as we realized that just as each part is needed in the body of Christ, so too were each of us needed to successfully conquer the challenges placed in front of us in the escape room.

Since the small Chapter at Ohio Dominican is off to a new start, it is a huge opportunity to be able to host large, manly, and appealing events. From rafting adventures and steak nights to escaping captivity, the Saint Paul’s Outreach men’s community has been truly blessed at Ohio Dominican University by the generosity of Barbasol.