National Headquarters Staff Volunteer for Neighbors' Duck Races

by Lenore Popp

Workers at the National Headquarters at Saint Paul's Outreach were able to enjoy a change of pace and fresh breath of air this Wednesday at Neighbors Inc. 12 staff members, ranging from Marketing, to Operations, to Finance, spent their morning volunteering at Neighbors Inc., a non-profit organization that serves local low-income Dakota County community members with emergency assistance and supportive assistance programs. Located in South St. Paul, SPO staff members either participated in projects related to Neighbors' food shelf or their annual duck races. 

This year will be Neighbors' 9th annual duck race, a free community event to raise money for their services. Rubber ducks are purchased and then raced down a ramp; prizes are awarded to the top three winning ducks. SPO staff helped in organizing over 5,000 rubber ducks for these races, along with creating signs, and preparing craft materials for small children to enjoy. 

With so many volunteers at once, SPO staff members were also able to help serve logistically by moving and stacking boxes of clothes and food, grinding whole coffee beans previously donated, and attaching cooking instructions to pinto beans.

This will be the first of many volunteer activities that Saint Paul's Outreach Headquarters partakes in, providing a team building activity outside of the office, as well as, a tangible way of giving back to the local community.