SPO's Formation Process Explained

When a student falls away from faith, Saint Paul's Outreach Missionaries take them through our formation process. 

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Parents strive to build a home where their son or daughter's faith can flourish. But one day, those children will leave home and go to college. The choices made in college will shape the rest of their lives. One hour a week at Mass may no longer be enough to keep faith alive.

Students need authentic friendships. This is why Saint Paul's Outreach Missionaries invite students into a process we call Formation. We take the faith that began at home, and we help it grow.

First, students gather in large groups to learn the principals and practices of mature Christian living. Second, they meet in small groups to discuss what they've learned and to encourage one another. Third, students regularly meet one-on-one with a mentor who guides them to live this new way of life, so they can take complete ownership of their faith.

Finally, we've found that the Catholic faith is best lived in community. Formation isn't just informational, it's relational. It's a culture where students put into practice habits that will last a lifetime. When students embrace their faith, they can't help but bring it home.