A Deeper Call to Holiness for Students in New Jersey

60 students, new and returning, attended One Gospel at Seton Hall University, NJ on October 17th, 2012. Dynamic guest speaker, Brian Fischer, spoke about how essential prayer is in our lives. Brian’s talk reminded the students that we are nothing without the Lord and we need prayer in order to grow in holiness.

Hannah Quense, a sophomore student missionary, gave a witness of how charismatic prayer has worked in her life to be a bold person for the Lord, “If I’m willing to clap and raise my hands for other people, why would I not do it for the Lord who is so much better than that?” Student Missionary Joe Buganski and the worship team led a time of teaching and praise and worship on how to praise the Lord who made us and step outside of ourselves for even just a few minutes.

Overall the night was a beautiful time dedicated to the Lord with great fellowship that followed.

The September One Gospel kicked off this year to a great start: half of the 50 students attending were new to Saint Paul’s Outreach! Overall, One Gospel has had a positive impact at Seton Hall University this fall and we only hope that it will bring more students together to commit themselves to Christ.